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Engage the past. Define the future.

Our mission is to publish, disseminate, and promote the most forward-looking, vanguard research in premodern studies. We seek projects that are historically grounded and theoretically expansive, with the aim of fostering dialogues that reach into the present moment and point us to different, more inclusive, futures. We welcome manuscripts that analyze pre-modern history, literature, and/or culture through the lenses of ecocriticism, disability studies, critical race studies, women’s studies, postcolonial studies, new media studies, quantitative studies, performance studies, and more. Furthermore, we value manuscripts that explore these complex topics in a manner that is accessible so as to reach as wide an audience as possible, including but not limited to classroom use.

What we're looking for



Scholarly monographs and edited collections that represent vanguard work in premodern studies as defined in the ACMRS Press mission

Groundbreaking and forward-thinking open access pedagogical projects and resources

Open access versions of primary and secondary works from traditionally underrepresented voices in premodern studies


Transparent practices

The shepherding process

To create an equitable and transparent review process, ACMRS Press offers a shepherding relationship rather than a double-anonymous peer review. Shepherds work closely with authors to develop their project for publication, shifting the review process from an evaluative step to a developmental and generative engagement.

In collaboration with the editorial board, leaders at ACMRS Press identify shepherds who are deeply familiar with the material and can be trusted to guide the author's work in the direction the author is aiming.

Open access for wider audiences

Most academic books, including ones about how to best teach the past, are prohibitively expensive, and fewer and fewer libraries have standing orders to purchase them. If the vanguard research and pedagogy of cutting-edge scholars remains behind a paywall, only those who can afford access can truly participate in new knowledge creation. Therefore, ACMRS Press publishes all new scholarly work in an open access format.

According to a report published by the Association of University Presses and Ithika S+R, university press humanities monographs sell an average of 340 copies in their lifetimes.

ACMRS Press publishes all books in print and open access, receiving an average of 5,000 digital views in the first year of publication alone. Open access publishing ensures that your research is read by the widest audiences. 

Proposing a project

Our acquisitions team is available to answer questions and work with you to develop your project proposal to submit to the ACMRS Press board.

Our board serves as the first round of review for the project, looking over the proposal materials and providing feedback for the authors/editors. If the board agrees to offering a contract, we then move into the development phase of the process. If the board decides not to offer a contract at this point, we will use the board’s feedback to work with you on revising the proposal for resubmission.

If you are ready to submit a proposal now, visit our author resources to download the appropriate proposal template.

Interested in submitting a proposal?

Reach out to our aquisitions team to answer any questions you have about the proposal process, our publishing mission, and see if your project is a fit.