Books – Out of Print

These backlist titles are no longer available from ACMRS Press. Most of these books were published in the Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies (MRTS) series betwen 1981 and 2015.

Some of these books may be found on the secondhand market. We are unable to provide any additional information about them.

ISBN-13Author / EditorTitle
9780866980005 – Huntley, Frank LivingstonBishop Joseph Hall and Protestant Meditation in Seventeenth-Century England: A Study of The Art of Divine Meditation (1606) and Occasional Meditation (1663)
9780866980012 – Gilleland, Brady B.Johannes de Alta Silva, Dolopathos, or The King and the Seven Wise Men
9780866980029 – Rabil, AlbertLaura Cereta Ouattrocento Humanist
9780866980067 – Gilleland, Brady B.Johannes de Alta Silva, Dolopathos, or The King and the Seven Wise Men
9780866980074 – Rabil, AlbertLaura Cereta Ouattrocento Humanist
9780866980104 – de Gorog, RalphDictionnaire Inverse de L’Ancien Francais
9780866980111 – Yerkes, DavidSyntax and Style in Old English: A Comparison of the Two Versions of Waerferth’s Translation of Gregory’s Dialogues
9780866980128 – McGowan, Margaret M.Balthazar de Beaujoyeulx: Le Balet Comique, 1581
9780866980135 – MacFarlane, I.D.Entry of Henri II Into Paris, 16 June 1549
9780866980142 – Shumaker, WayneRenaissance Curiosa: Dee’s Conversation with Angels, Cardano’s Horoscope of Christ, Trithemius and Cryptography, Dalgarno’s Universal Language
9780866980159 – Loomis, Riichard MorganDafydd ap Gwilym: The Poems
9780866980173 – Ouilette, HelenWilliam of Malmesbury, Polyhistor: A Critical Edition
9780866980180 – Brumble III, H. DavidG. A. Bredero: The Spanish Brabanter: A SeventeenthCentury Dutch Social Satire in Five Acts
9780866980197 – Tuisani, JosephTorquato Tasso: Creation of the World
9780866980203 – Vickers, BrianRhetoric Revalued: Papers from the International Society for the History of Rhetoric
9780866980227 – Kelley, Francis E.Richard Knapwell, Quaestio disputata de unitate formae: A Critical Edition
9780866980234 – King/RabilHer Immaculate Hand: Selected Works by and About the Women Humanists of Quattrocento Italy
9780866980241 – Edward G., DoyleOn Christian Rulers and the Poems of Scottus Sedulius
9780866980258 – Grassi/LorchFolly and Insanity in Renaissance Literature
9780866980265 – Knowles, RonaldJohn Ogilby, The Entertainment of His Most Excellent Majestie Charles II in His Passage through the City of London and His Coronation (1662)
9780866980272 – Trexler, Richard C.Christian at Prayer: An Illustrated Prayer Manual Attributed to Peter the Chanter (d.1197)
9780866980289 – Marsh, DavidLeon Battista Alberti: Dinner Pieces: A Translation of the Intercenales
9780866980296 – Griffiths/HankinsHumanism of Leonardo Bruni: Selected Texts
9780866980302 – Shailor, BarbaraCatalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University: Volume II, MSS 251‚Äì500
9780866980326 – Albertus/ScanlanAlbert the Great: Man and the Beasts
9780866980333 – Hankins/MonfasaniSupplementum Festivum: Studies in Honor of Paul Oskar Kristeller
9780866980340 – Clark/Emery Jr.Renaissance Dialectic and Renaissance Piety: Benet of Canfield’s Rule of Perfection: A Translation and Study
9780866980357 – Grassi, ErnestoRenaissance Humanism: Studies in Philosophy and Poetics
9780866980371 – Revard/R√§dleActa Conventus Neo-Latin Guelpherbytani: Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies
9780866980388 – Di Cesare, Mario A.George Herbert: The Temple: A Diplomatic Edition of the Bodleian Manuscript
9780866980395 – Rosenthal, BernardMedievalism in American Culture: Papers of the Eighteenth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies
9780866980401 – Moffett, ThomasSilkworms and Their Flies
9780866980418 – Kaske, Carol V.Marsilio Ficino, Three Books on Life: A Critical Edition and Translation
9780866980425 – Whatley, E. GordonSaint of London: The Life and Miracles of St. Erkenwald: Text and Translation
9780866980432 – Eaker/KohlGiovanni Conversini da Ravenna: Dialogue between Giovanni and A Letter
9780866980449 – Redman, Charles L.Medieval Archaeology: Papers of the Seventeenth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies
9780866980456 – Murphy/GibaudMiscellanea Moreana: Essays for Germain Marc’hadour
9780866980463 – Nicholson, PeterAnnotated Index to the Commentary on Gower’s Confessio Amantis
9780866980470 – Shumaker, WayneNatural Magic and Modern Science: Four Treatises, 15901657
9780866980487 – Maleski, Mary A.Fine Tuning: Studies of the Religious Poetry of Herbert and Milton
9780866980494 – Bzdyl, Donald G.Layamon’s Brut: A History of the Britons
9780866980500 – Williman, DanielBlack Death: The Impact of the Fourteenth-Century Plague: Papers of the Eleventh Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval & Early Renaissance Studies
9780866980517 – Roberts, Lawrence D.Approaches to Nature in the Middle Ages: Papers of the Tenth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval & Early Renaissance Studies
9780866980524 – Mannyng/SullensHandlyng Synne
9780866980531 – Shaver, AnneTristan and the Round Table: A Translation of La Tavola Ritonda
9780866980548 – Baillie, William M.Choice Ternary of English Plays: Gratiae Theatrales
9780866980555 – Ackerman/DahoodAncrene Riwle
9780866980562 – O’Kelly/JarrottJohn Colet’s Commentary on First Corinthians: A New Edition of the Latin text, with translation, Annotations, and Introduction
9780866980579 – Ramsey, P.A.Rome in the Renaissance: The City and the Myth: Papers of the Thirteenth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval & Early Renaissance Studies
9780866980586 – Kelly, Henry AnsgarCanon Law and the Archpriest of Hita
9780866980593 – Giamatti, A. BartlettDante in America: The First Two Centuries
9780866980609 – Monfasani, JohnCollectanea Trapezuntiana : Texts, Documents and Bibliographies of George of Trebizond
9780866980616 – Pellegrini/BernardoDante, Petrarch, Boccaccio: Studies in the Italian Trecento in Honor of Charles S. Singleton
9780866980623 – Grassi, ErnestoHeidegger and the Question of Renaissance Humanism: Four Studies
9780866980630 – Bongiorno, AndrewCastelvetro on the Art of Poetry: An Abridged Translation of Lodovico Castelvetro’s Poetica D’Aristotle Vulgarizzata Et Sposta
9780866980647 – Sawcross, John T.Milton: A Bibliography for the Years 1624-1700
9780866980654 – Shailor, BarbaraCatalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University: Volume I, MSS 1‚ 250
9780866980661 – Webster, JohnWilliam Temple’s Analysis of Sir Philip Sidney’s Apology for Poetry: An Edition and Translation
9780866980678 – Huppe, Bernard FelixHero in the Earthly City: A Reading of Beowulf
9780866980685 – Sterne/KollmeierConcordance to the English Prose of John Milton
9780866980692 – Trexler, Richard C.Persons in Groups: Social Behavior as Identity Formation in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
9780866980708 – McFarlane, I.D.Acta Conventus Neo-Latin Sanctandreani: Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (St. Andrews, 1982)
9780866980715 – Newman, Francis X.Social Unrest in the Late Middle Ages
9780866980722 – Schoeck, Richard J.Acta Conventus Neo-Latin Bononiensis: Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Bologna, 1979)
9780866980739 – Baird/GuiseppeChronicle of Salimbene De Adam
9780866980746 – Spade/WilsonJohannis Wyclif Summa Insolubilium
9780866980753 – Maloney, Thomas S.Three Treatments of Universals by Roger Bacon
9780866980760 – Bauman, MichaelScripture Index to John Milton’s De Doctrina Christiana
9780866980777 – Jones, G. LloydRobert Wakefield: On the Three Languages (1524)
9780866980784 – Bernardo/LevinClassics in the Middle Ages: Papers of the Twentieth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies
9780866980791 – Happé/KingVocacyon of Johan Bale
9780866980807 – Mitchell, Bonner1598: A Year of Pageantry in Late Renaissance Ferrara
9780866980821 – Howe, Eunice D.Andrea Palladio: The Churches of Rome
9780866980838 – Mora, GeorgeWitches, Devils, and Doctors in the Renaissance: Johann Weyer, De Praestigiis Daemonum
9780866980845 – Biggs/HillSources of Anglo Saxon Literary Culture: A Trial Version
9780866980852 – Jordan/JansenWelles Anthology: Ms. Rawlinson C. 813 : A Critical Edition
9780866980876 – Reid, Peter L. D.Complete Works of Rather of Verona
9780866980883 – Alford, John A.Piers Plowman: A Guide to the Quotations
9780866980890 – Tedeschi, JohnProsecution of Heresy: Collected Studies on the Inquisition in Early Modern Italy
9780866980906 – Machan, Tim WilliamMedieval Literature: Texts and Interpretation
9780866980913 – Clark, Willene B.Medieval Book of Birds: Hugh of Fouilloy’s Aviarium
9780866980920 – Johnson, Susan M.Lyrics of Richard De Semilli: Critical Edition and Musical Transcription
9780866980937 – Boswell/PrescottSir Thomas More in the English Renaissance: An Annotated Catalogue
9780866980944 – Sowell, Madison U.Dante and Ovid Essays in Intertextuality
9780866980968 – Walsh, James E.Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the Harvard University Library: Volume I, Books Printed in Germany, German-Speaking Switzerland, and Austria-Hungary
9780866980975 – Stock/MonsarratNondramatic Works of John Ford
9780866980982 – Dalzell/FantazziActa Conventus Neo-Latin Torontoniensis: Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Toronto, 1988)
9780866980999 – Black/Leedham-GreenCollection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists: PLRE 1‚Äì4
9780866981002 – Rabil, AlbertKnowledge, Goodness, and Power: The Debate over Nobility Among Quattrocento Italian Humanists
9780866981019 – Levy, Bernard S.Bible in the Middle Ages: Its Influence on Literature and Art
9780866981033 – Di Cesare, Mario A.Milton in Italy: Contexts, Images, Contradictions
9780866981057 – Beecher, DonaldBarnabe Riche His Farewell to Military Profession
9780866981064 – Little, William ThomasLabors of the Very Brave Knight Esplandian by Garci Rodriguez De Montalvo
9780866981071 – Di Cesare, Mario A.Reconsidering the Renaissance: Papers from the Twenty-First Annual Conference of CEMERS
9780866981088 – Curley, Michael J.Saint Patrick’s Purgatory: A Poem by Marie de France
9780866981095 – Quint/FergusonCreative Imitation: New Essays on Renaissance Literature in Honor of Thomas M. Greene
9780866981101 – Neugaard, EdwardMotif-Index of Medieval Catalan Folktales
9780866981118 – Walsh, James E.Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the Harvard University Library: Volume II, Books Printed in Rome and Venice
9780866981125 – Dotson, John E.Merchant Culture in Fourteenth-Century Venice: The Zibaldone da Canal
9780866981132 – Tricomi, Albert H.Robert Knightley, Alfrede or Right Reinthron’d: A Translation of William Drury’s Aluredus sive Alfredus
9780866981156 – Shailor, BarbaraCatalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University: Volume III, Marston Manuscripts
9780866981170 – Di Tommaso, AndreaAmorum libri : the lyric poems of Matteo Maria Boiardo
9780866981187 – Donno, Elizabeth StoryThree Renaissance Pastorals: Tasso, Guarini, Daniel
9780866981231 – McQuillen, ConnieRobert Burton, Philosophaster
9780866981255 – Grassi, ErnestoPrimordial Metaphor
9780866981279 – Jones, EdwardMilton’s Sonnets: An Annotated Bibliography, 19001992
9780866981286 – Ellis/EvansMedieval Translator IV
9780866981293 – Fenster, Thelma S.Christine de Pizan: Le Livre du Duc Des Vrais Amans
9780866981309 – Gneuss, HelmutEnglish Language Scholarship: A Survey and Bibliography from the Beginnings to the End of the Nineteenth Century
9780866981316 – Stanwood, P. G.Of Poetry and Politics: New Essays on Milton and His World
9780866981323 – Laird/FischerPelerin De Prusse on the Astrolabe: Text and Translation of His Practique De Astralabe
9780866981354 – O’Connor, Thomas A.El Encanto es la Hermosura y el Hechizo sin Hechizo / La Segunda Celestina
9780866981361 – Cook, James WyattAutobiography of Lorenzo de Medici the Magnificent: A Commentary on My Sonnets
9780866981378 – Sullens, IdelleRobert Mannyng of Brunne: The Chronicle
9780866981385 – Ciapponi, Lucia A.Filippo Beroaldo the Elder, Annotationes Centum: Critical Edition with Commentary
9780866981392 – Vos, AlvinPlace and Displacement in the Renaissance
9780866981408 – Velz, John W.Shakespeare’s English Histories: A Quest for Form and Genre
9780866981415 – Doane, A. N.Books of Prayers and Healing
9780866981422 – Rendall, StevenHonor√© d’Urf√©: Astrea
9780866981439 – Ackerman, JaneJohn of the Cross, The Living Flame of Love Versions A and B
9780866981460 – Pulsiano, PhillipPsalters I
9780866981477 – Arn, Mary JoFortunes Stabilnes: Charles of Orleans’s English Book of Love: A Critical Edition
9780866981484 – Tedeschi/TedeschiDomenico Scandella Known As Menocchio: His Trials Before the Inquisition (15831599)
9780866981507 – Shoaf, R. A.Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde: Subgit to alle poesye
9780866981514 – Black/Leedham-GreenCollection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists: PLRE 5‚Äì66
9780866981521 – Hill, W. SpeedOf the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, Volume VI, Parts I and II
9780866981538 – Hill, W. SpeedNew Ways of Looking at Old Texts: Papers of the Renaissance English Text Society, 19851991
9780866981552 – Brown, Elizabeth A. R.Jean du Tillet and the French Wars of Religion: Five Tracts, 15621569
9780866981590 – Gildenhuys, FaithBachelor’s Banquet
9780866981637 – Rider/StainesMichel Zink: Medieval French Literature, An Introduction
9780866981644 – Trexler, Richard C.Dependence in Context in Renaissance Florence
9780866981651 – Nicolaisen, W. F. H.Oral Tradition in the Middle Ages
9780866981668 – Trexler, Richard C.Gender Rhetorics: Postures of Dominance and Submission in History
9780866981675 – Chettle/GreeneGreene’s Groatsworth of Wit: Bought With a Million of Repentance
9780866981682 – Camargo, MartinMedieval Rhetorics of Prose Composition: Five English Artes Dictandi and Their Tradition
9780866981699 – Hillas, RogerElias of Thriplow: Serium Senectutis
9780866981705 – Black/Leedham-GreenCollection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists: PLRE 67‚Äì86
9780866981729 – Newhauser/AlfordLiterature and Religion in the Later Middle Ages: Philological Studies in Honor of Sigfried Wenzel
9780866981736 – Moss/DustActa Conventus Neo-Latin Hafniensis: Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Copenhagen, 1991)
9780866981743 – Walsh, James E.Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the Harvard University Library: Volume III, Books Printed in Italy with the Exception of Rome and Venice
9780866981767 – Roberts, Josephine A.First Part of The Countess of Montgomery’s Urania, by Lady Mary Wroth
9780866981798 – Sticca, SandroSaints: Studies in Hagiography
9780866981804 – Price, DavidJanus Secundus
9780866981811 – Heath, MichaelRabelais
9780866981828 – Kusukawa/Leedham-GreenWittenberg University Library Catalogue of 1536
9780866981835 – Doane, A. N.Anglo-Saxon Gospels
9780866981842 – Drout, Michael D. C.Beowulf and the Critics by J. R. R. Tolkien (Revised Second Edition) Limited Edition Leather Case
9780866981859 – Light, LauraCatalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Houghton Library, Harvard University Volume I, MSS Latin 3‚Äì179
9780866981866 – Larsen, KennethEdmund Spenser’s Amoretti and Epithalamion: A Critical Edition
9780866981873 – Klene, C.S.C., JeanSouthwell-Sibthorpe Commonplace Book
9780866981880 – Black/Leedham-GreenCollection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists: PLRE 87‚Äì112
9780866981897 – Sturm-Maddox/MaddoxTranstextualities: Of Cycles and Cyclicity in Medieval French Literature
9780866981903 – Walsh, James E.Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the Harvard University Library: Volume IV, Books Printed in France, the Netherlands, the Iberian Peninsula, England, and Montenegro, Hebraica, and Supplementary Entries
9780866981910 – Cook/WarkentinPetrarch’s Songbook, Rerum vulgarium fragmenta: A Verse Translation
9780866981934 – Butler, JohnLord Herbert of Chirbury: Pagan Religion
9780866981941 – Carroll/CareyRichard Beacon: Solon His Follie
9780866981958 – Deskis, Susan E.Beowulf and the Medieval Proverb Tradition
9780866981965 – Stern, CharlotteMedieval Theater in Castile
9780866981972 – Ford, PhilipRonsard’s Hymnes: A Literary and Iconographical Study
9780866981989 – Izydorczyk, ZbigniewMedieval Gospel of Nicodemus: Texts, Intertexts, and Contexts in Western Europe
9780866981996 – Brown, AlisonBartolomeo Scala: Humanistic and Political Writings
9780866982009 – Cooper, RichardMaurice Sc√®ve: The Entry of Henri II into Lyon, September 1548
9780866982016 – Pulsiano, PhillipGlossed Texts, Aldhelmiana, Psalms
9780866982023 – Gottlieb, SidneyCollins, Divine Songs and Meditacions
9780866982030 – Goldberg, HarrietMotif-Index of Medieval Spanish Folk Narratives
9780866982047 – McManamon, S.J., John M.Pierpaolo Vergerio the Elder: The Humanist As Orator
9780866982054 – Rhodes, NeilEnglish Renaissance Prose: History, Language and Politics
9780866982061 – McGrade, Arthur StephenRichard Hooker and the Construction of Christian Community
9780866982078 – Luborsky/IngramGuide to English Illustrated Books, 1536‚Äì1603
9780866982085 – Milham, Mary EllaPlatina: On Right Pleasure and Good Health: A Critical Edition and Translation of De honesta voluptate et valetudine
9780866982092 – Farmer, S. A.Syncretism in the West: Pico’s 900 Theses (1486) With Text, Translation, and Commentary
9780866982115 – Hill, W. SpeedFolger Library Edition of the works of Richard Hooker, Index of Names and Works, Volume VII
9780866982122 – Walsh, James E.Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the Harvard University Library: Volume V, A Brief History of the Collection and Cumulative Indices
9780866982146 – Shea, George W.Poems of Alcimus Ecdicius Avitus: Translation and Introduction
9780866982153 – Carroll, ClareOrlando Furioso: A Stoic Comedy
9780866982177 – Doane, A. N.Latin Manuscripts with Anglo-Saxon Glosses
9780866982184 – Babcock/DavisCatalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University: Volume IV, MSS 481485
9780866982191 – McManamon, SJ, John M.Pierpaolo Vergerio the Elder and Saint Jerome: An Edition and Translation of Sermones pro Sancto Hieronymo
9780866982207 – Morris/Leedham-GreenChymick Bookes’ of Sir Owen Wynne of Gwydir: An Annotated Catalogue
9780866982214 – Kelly/Leedham-GreenLibrary of Lord George Douglas (ca. 1667/8?-1693?):An Early Donation to the Advocates Library
9780866982221 – Matheson, Lister M.Prose Brut: The Development of an English Chronicle
9780866982238 – Gerli/WeissPoetry at Court in Trastamaran Spain: From the Cancionero de Baena to the Cancionero General
9780866982245 – Blumreich, Kathleen MarieMiddle English ‘Mirror’: An Edition Based on Bodleian Library, MS Holkham misc. 40, with Introduction and Glossary
9780866982252 – Cavallo/RossFortune and Romance: Boiardo in America
9780866982269 – Alcina/DillonActa Conventus Neo-Latini Bariensis: Proceedings of the Ninth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Bari 1994)
9780866982276 – Felch, SusanCollected Works of Anne Vaughan Lock
9780866982283 – Franzen, ChristineWorcester MSS
9780866982290 – Doane, A. N.Anglo-Saxon Bibles and The Book of Cerne
9780866982306 – Hill, W. SpeedNew Ways of Looking at Old Texts, II: Papers of the Renaissance English Text Society, 1992‚Äì1996
9780866982313 – Black/Leedham-GreenCollection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists: PLRE 113‚Äì137
9780866982320 – Akkerman, F.Vitae of Rudolf Agricola
9780866982337 – Hale, J. K.J. Milton, Latin Writings (selection)
9780866982344 – Ziolkowski, Jan M.Cambridge Songs (Carmina Cantabrigiensia)
9780866982351 – Hillman/QuesnelPreface to the Essays of Michel de Montaigne by his Adoptive Daughter, Marie le Jars de Gournay
9780866982368 – Van Sickle, John B.Giovanni della Casa’s Poem Book (Ioannis Casae Carminum Liber), Florence 1564
9780866982375 – Schmitz, G√∂tzThomas May’s The Reigne of King Henry the Second Written in Seauen Bookes
9780866982382 – Newth, Michael A.Song of Girart of Vienne
9780866982399 – Slack/FeissCrusade Charters 11381270
9780866982405 – Marino, Nancy F.El Libro del conoscimiento de todos los reinos (The Book of Knowledge of All Kingdoms)
9780866982412 – Carroll/WilsonOlivier de La Marche, Le Chevalier deliber√© (The Resolute Knight)
9780866982429 – Kaylor, Jr./StreedJohn Bracegirdle’s Psychopharmacon: A Translation of Boethius’ De Consolatione Philosophiae (MS BL Additional 11401)
9780866982436 – Bowers, RickThomas Phaer and The Boke of Chyldren (1544)
9780866982443 – Noffke, O.P., SuzanneLetters of Catherine of Siena, Volume I: Letters 1‚Äì70
9780866982450 – Noffke, O.P., SuzanneLetters of Catherine of Siena, Volume II: Letters 71‚Äì144
9780866982467 – Fleming, Martha A.Late Medieval Pope Prophecies: The Genus nequam Group
9780866982474 – Ireland, Colin A.Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria
9780866982481 – Goldberg, HarrietMotif-Index of Folk Narratives in the Pan-Hispanic Romancero
9780866982498 – Costas/MorenoActa Conventus Neo-Latini Abulensis: Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (√Åvila 1997)
9780866982504 – Travitsky, Betty S.Subordination and Authorship in Early Modern England: The Case of Elizabeth Cavendish Egerton and Her Loose Papers’’
9780866982511 – Rudick, MichaelPoems of Sir Walter Ralegh: A Historical Edition
9780866982528 – Aldrich-Watson, DeborahVerse Miscellany of Constance Aston Fowler: A Diplomatic Edition
9780866982535 – Roberts/GossettSecond Part of The Countess of Montgomery’s Urania, by Lady Mary Wroth
9780866982542 – Rummel, ErikaJim√©nez de Cisneros: On the Threshold of Spain’s Golden Age
9780866982559 – King, SigridPilgrimage for Love: Essays in Early Modern Literature in Honor of Josephine A. Roberts
9780866982566 – Davies, MartinAldus Manutius: Printer and Publisher of Renaissance Venice
9780866982573 – Vredeveld, HarryPoetic Works of Helius Eobanus Hessus, Volume 1: Student Years at Erfurt, 15041509
9780866982580 – Akkerman/Van der LaanRudolf Agricola, Letters
9780866982597 – Dickson, Donald R.Thomas and Rebecca Vaughan’s Aqua Vit√¶: Non Vitis (British Library MS, Sloane 1741)
9780866982603 – Wright, A. E.‘Hie Lert uns der meister’: Latin Commentary and the German Fable 13501500
9780866982610 – Wilcox, JonathanWulfstan Texts and Other Homiletic Materials
9780866982627 – Hinds, HilaryAnna Trapnel, The Cry of a Stone (1654)
9780866982634 – Revard, StellaPindar and the Renaissance Hymn Ode: 14501700
9780866982641 – Grewe/HieattLibellus de arte coquinaria: An Early Northern Cookery Book
9780866982658 – Blamires/HolianRomance of the Rose Illuminated: Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales
9780866982665 – Ravelhofer, BarbaraBarth√©lemy de Montagut, Louange de la Dance
9780866982672 – Doane, A. N.Deluxe and Illuminated Manuscripts Containing Technical and Literary Texts
9780866982689 – Allen, Michael J. B.Marsilio Ficino: The Philebus Commentary
9780866982696 – Murphy, James J.Rhetoric in the Middle Ages: A History of Rhetorical Theory from Saint Augustine to the Renaissance
9780866982702 – Murphy, James J.Three Medieval Rhetorical Arts
9780866982719 – Sheidley/McKeownShippe of Safegarde (1569) by Barnabe Googe
9780866982726 – Wolfe, HeatherElizabeth Cary, Lady Falkland, Life and Letters
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