EMWJ Published Volumes

Volume 10.1 – Fall 2015

Early Modern Women Journal v10.1


  • Learning to Invest: Women’s Education in Arithmetic and Accounting in Early Modern England
    — Amy Froide
  • Art, Authority, and Domesticity in Margaret Cavendish’s Poems and Fancies
    — Megan J. Fung
  • Anne Bradstreet’s “dear remains”: Children and the Creation of Poetic Legacy
    — Stephanie Pietros
  • Elizabeth Delaval’s Memoirs and Meditations: Textual Transmission and Jacobite Context
    — Susan Wiseman

Forum: Entrepreneurial Women: A Forum in Honor of Alice Clark

  • The Legacy of Alice Clark
    — Hilda L. Smith
  • Vannozza Cattanei: A Hotel Proprietress in Renaissance Rome
    — Cynthia Stollhans
  • More Than Faded Beauties: Women Theater Managers of Early Modern Spain
    — Carmen Sanz Ayán
  • Stories Worth Telling: Women as Business Owners and Investors in Early Modern Milan
    — Jeanette M. Fregulia
  • Women Minding the Store in Eighteenth-Century France
    — Janine Lanza
  • Mary Beale and Art’s Lost Laborers: Women Painter Stainers
    — Helen Draper
  • A Venture of Her Own: Early American Women in Business
    — Kim Todt
  • Female Entrepreneurship in West Africa: Trends and Trajectories
    — Philip J. Havik

Book Reviews

  • Arlette Farge, Thomas Scott-Railton, trans., The Allure of the Archives; Natalie Zemon Davis, Michael Wolfe, ed., Michael Wolfe and Natalie Zemon Davis, trans., A Passion for History: Conversations with Denis Crouzet
    Kathleen Wellman
  • Karen Nelson, ed., Attending to Early Modern Women: Conflict and Concord
    Joanne H. Wright
  • Manuela Scarci, ed., Creating Women: Representation, Self-Representation and Agency in the Renaissance.
    Maria Teresa Micaela Prendergast
  • Gary Ferguson and Mary B. McKinley, eds., A Companion to Marguerite de Navarre
    Anne Lake Prescott
  • Charlie R. Steen, Margaret of Parma: A Life
    Magdalena S. Sánchez
  • Judith P. Aikin, A Ruler’s Consort in Early Modern Germany: Aemilia Juliana of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
    Tryntje Helfferich
  • Mara R. Wade and Sara Smart, eds., The Palatine Wedding of 1613: Protestant Alliance and Court Festival
    R. Malcolm Smuts
  • Jaime Goodrich, Faithful Translators: Authorship, Gender, and Religion in Early Modern England
    Micheline White
  • Margaret E. Boyle, Unruly Women: Performance, Penitence, and Punishment in Early Modern Spain
    Darcy Donahue
  • Susan Wiseman, ed., Early Modern Women and the Poem
    Clare R. Kinney
  • Gillian Wright, Producing Women’s Poetry, 1600–1730: Text and Paratext, Manuscript and Print
    Arthur F. Marotti
  • Oddvar Holmesland, Utopian Negotiation: Aphra Behn & Margaret Cavendish
    Lisa Walters
  • Lara Dodds, The Literary Invention of Margaret Cavendish; Brandie R. Siegfried and Lisa T. Sarasohn, eds., God and Nature in the Thought of Margaret Cavendish
    Cristina Malcolmson
  • W. Scott Howard, ed., An Collins and the Historical Imagination
    Eugene R. Cunnar
  • Raymond A. Anselment, ed., My First Booke of My Life: Alice Thornton
    Julie A. Eckerle
  • Katherine Austen, Pamela S. Hammons, ed., Book M: A London Widow’s Life Writings
    Barbara J. Todd
  • Amanda E. Herbert, Female Alliances: Gender, Identity, and Friendship in Early Modern Britain
    Bernard Capp
  • Margaret J. M. Ezell, ed., Anne Killigrew, “My Rare Wit Killing Sin”: Poems of a Restoration Courtier
    Paula R. Backscheider
  • Elizabeth Eger, ed., Bluestockings Displayed: Portraiture, Performance and Patronage, 1730–1830
    Jackie Collier
  • Alessa Johns, ed., Bluestocking Feminism and British-German Cultural Transfer, 1750–1837
    Clarissa Campbell Orr
  • Daryl M. Hafter and Nina Kushner, eds., Women and Work in Eighteenth-Century France
    Leigh Whaley
  • Paula Loscocco, Phillis Wheatley’s Miltonic Poetics
    Vincent Carretta
  • Amanda Ewington, ed. and trans., Russian Women Poets of the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries. A Bilingual Edition
    Vera Proskurina

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