EMWJ Published Volumes

Volume 11.1 – Fall 2016

Early Modern Women Journal v11.1


  • The Cloister and the Square: Gender Dynamics in Renaissance Florence
    Mary D. Garrard
  • Kinship and the Marginalized Consort: Giovanna d’Austria at the Medici Court
    Catherine Ferrari
  • Literacy and Education among Judeo-conversa Women in Castile, Portugal, and Amsterdam, 1560–1700
    Sara Nalle
  • Hobby and Craft: Distilling Household Medicine in Eighteenth-Century England
    Katherine Allen

Forum: Women and Early Modern Science

  • Adjusting the Lens: Locating Early Modern Women of Science
    Nina Rattner Gelbart
  • “Lady Phoenix”: Margaret Cavendish and the Poetics of Palingenesis
    Anne M. Thell
  • “My Method and Medicines”: Mary Trye, Chemical Physician
    Sara Read
  • Collecting the World in Her Boudoir: Women and Scientific Amateurism in Eighteenth-Century Paris
    Margaret Carlyle
  • A Spanish Midwife Appeals to the King: Luisa Rosado’s Challenge to Eighteenth-Century Male Medical Corporatism
    Paloma Moral de Calatrava
  • Medical Discourse, Women’s Writing, and the “perplexing Form” of Eighteenth-Century Hysteria
    Heather Meek
  • Networks, Patronage, and Women of Science During the Italian Enlightenment
    Leigh Whaley
  • Muslim Women and Science: The Search for the “Missing” Actors
    Margaret Gaida

Book Reviews

  • Merry Wiesner-Hanks, ed., Mapping Gendered Routes and Spaces in the Early Modern World
    — Jyotsna G. Singh
  • Wendy Belcher and Michael Kleiner, trans. and eds., The Life and Struggles of Our Mother Walatta Petros: A Seventeenth-Century African Biography of an Ethiopian Woman
    — Leonardo Cohen
  • Susan S. Lanser, The Sexuality of History: Modernity and the Sapphic, 1565–1830
    — Harriette Andreadis
  • Tracy Adams, Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France
    — Barbara K. Altmann
  • Cathy McClive, Menstruation and Procreation in Early Modern France
    — Margaret Lewis
  • Lewis Seifert and Rebecca Wilkin, eds., Men and Women Making Friends in Early Modern France
    — Jane Couchman
  • Elizabeth Teresa Howe, Autobiographical Writing by Early Modern Hispanic Women
    — Encarnación Juárez-Almendros
  • Giovanna Benadusi and Judith C. Brown, eds., Medici Women: The Making of a Dynasty in Grand Ducal Tuscany
    — Maria Galli Stampino
  • Rosalind Kerr, The Rise of the Diva on the Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell’Arte Stage
    — Julie D. Campbell
  • Julia L. Hairston, ed., The Poems and Letters of Tullia d’Aragona and Others— Courtney Quaintance
  • Carole Levin and Christine Stewart-Nuñez, eds., Scholars and Poets Talk About Queens
    — Leah S. Marcus
  • Donald W. Forster, ed., Women’s Works
    — Margaret J. M. Ezell
  • Victoria Brownlee and Laura Gallagher, eds., Biblical Women in Early Modern Literary Culture, 1550–1700
    — Karl Gunther
  • Margaret P. Hannay, Michael G. Brennan, and Mary Ellen Lamb, eds., The Ashgate Research Companion to the Sidneys, 1500–1700
    — Gary Waller
  • Katherine R. Larson and Naomi J. Miller, eds., Re-Reading Mary Wroth
    — Marion Wynne-Davies
  • David L. Orvis and Ryan Singh Paul, eds., The Noble Flame of Katherine Philips: A Poetics of Culture, Politics, and Friendship
    — Marie-Louise Coolahan
  • Melinda Zook, Protestantism, Politics, and Women in Britain, 1660–1714
    — Susan Wiseman
  • Cynthia Richards and Mary Ann O’Donnell, eds., Approaches to Teaching Behn’s Oroonoko
    — Paula Loscocco
  • Teresa Barnard, ed., British Women and the Intellectual World in the Long Eighteenth Century
    — Hilda Smith

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