EMWJ Published Volumes

Volume 12.2 – Spring 2018

Early Modern Women Journal Volume 12.2


  • Adjusting Our Lenses to Make Gender Visible
    — Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks
  • Women’s Last Wills and Testaments in Hull, England (c. 1450–1555)
    — Elisabeth Salter
  • The Conquest of the Ancients: The Gender of Imitation in Louise Labé’s Euvres and the “Escriz de divers poëtes, à la louenge de Louize Labé Lionnoize”
    — Vanessa Glauser
  • Crafting Un-Fortune: Rape, Romance, and Resistance in Hester Pulter’s The Unfortunate Florinda
    — Rachel Dunn Zhang

Cluster on Historical Fiction

  • Inventing Early Modern Women
    — Jane Stevenson
  • Fictionalizing Shakespeare’s Sisters: Mary Sidney Herbert
    — Naomi J. Miller
  • Margaret Cavendish, Then and Now
    — Brandie R. Siegfried
  • Teaching Dutch Women Through Historical Fiction
    — Amanda Pipkin
  • Rewriting History: Colonial Latin America Women in Historical Fiction
    — Rocío Quispe-Agnoli
  • Storia and Storie: The Substantiated Historical Fiction of Sarah Dunant
    — Maria Galli Stampino
  • The Fictional Queen Katherine Howard
    — Valerie Schutte
  • Women as Subjects and Objects of Medicine in Edo Japan
    — Hanako Nadehara

Exhibition Reviews

  • Plautilla Nelli: Art and Devotion in Savonarola’s Footsteps / Arte e devozione sulle orme di Savonarola
    — Sheila ffolliott
  • Artemisia Gentileschi e il suo tempo
    — Sheila Barker
  • The Wives of the Stadtholders
    — Rebecca Tucker
  • Women of the Page: Convent Culture in the Early Modern Spanish World — Laura R. Bass
  • Enlightened Princesses: Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte, and the Shaping of the Modern World
    — Arlene Leis
  • Becoming a Woman in the Age of Enlightenment: French Art from The Horvitz Collection
    — Katherine Brion
  • Sampled Lives: Samplers from the Fitzwilliam Museum
    — Michele Osherow
  • Power in Disguise – Lovers and Mistresses / Den dolda kvinnomakten – Älskare och älskarinnor
    — Grethe Jacobsen

Performance Reviews

  • Tom Tyler and His Wife
    — Callan Davies
  • The Siren of Heaven: A Glimpse into the Life and Works of Francesca Caccini— Cheryll Duncan
  • Margaret Cavendish, Virginia Woolf, and the Cypriot Goddess Natura
    — Laura L. Knoppers

Book Reviews

  • Evelyn Welch, ed., Fashioning the Early Modern: Dress, Textiles, and Innovation in Europe, 1500–1800
    — Ann Rosalind Jones
  • Susan Broomhall, Gender and Emotions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Destroying Order, Structuring Disorder
    — Lisa Perfetti
  • Melia Belli Bose, Women, Gender and Art in Asia
    — Ying-chen Peng
  • Jane Mangan, Transatlantic Obligations: Creating the Bonds of Family in Conquest-Era Peru and Spain
    — Karoline Cook
  • Susan Diane Laningham, ed., and Jane Tar, trans., María Vela y Cueto, Autobiography and Letters of a Spanish Nun
    — Horacio Sierra
  • Horacio Sierra, Sanctified Subversives: Nuns in Early Modern English and Spanish Literature
    — Amanda Powell
  • Bernadette Andrea, The Lives of Girls and Women from the Islamic World in Early Modern British Literature and Culture
    — Ladan Niayesh
  • Madeline Bassnett, Women, Food Exchange, and Governance in Early Modern England
    — Wendy Wall
  • Jessica C. Murphy, Virtuous Necessity: Conduct Literature and the Making of the Virtuous Woman in Early Modern England
    — Valerie Wayne
  • Sarah Duncan and Valerie Schutte, eds., The Birth of a Queen: Essays on the Quincentenary of Mary I
    — Lucy Wooding
  • Elizabeth Zeman Kolkovich, The Elizabethan Country House Entertainment: Print, Performance and Gender
    — Clare McManus
  • Ann C. Christensen, Separation Scenes: Domestic Drama in Early Modern England
    — Catherine Richardson
  • Hilary Hinds, ed. Anna Trapnel’s Report and Plea; or, A Narrative of Her Journey from London into Cornwall
    — Pamela S. Hammons
  • Denys van Renen, The Other Exchange: Women, Servants, and the Urban Underclass in Early Modern English Literature
    — John Richetti
  • Richard G. Williams, ed., Mannock Strickland (1683–1744): Agent to English Convents in Flanders. Letters and Accounts from Exile
    — Jaime Goodrich
  • Colette H. Winn, ed., Marguerite d’Auge, Renée Burlamacchi, and Jeanne du Laurens, Sin and Salvation in Early Modern France: Three Women’s Stories
    — Anne R. Larsen
  • John Conley, S.J., ed., Angélique de Saint-Jean Arnauld d’Andilly, Writings of Resistance
    — Thomas M. Carr, Jr.
  • Lisa Kaborycha, A Corresponding Renaissance: Letters Written by Italian Women, 1375–1650 — Julie D. Campbell
  • Sheila Barker, ed. Women Artists in Early Modern Italy: Careers, Fame, and Collectors
    — Fredrika Jacobs
  • Giancarla Periti, In the Courts of Religious Ladies: Art, Vision, and Pleasure in Italian Renaissance Convents
    — Shannon McHugh
  • Jutta Gisela Sperling, Roman Charity: Queer Lactations in Early Modern Visual Culture
    — Eve Keller
  • Jennifer G. Germann, Picturing Marie Leszczinska: Representing Queenship in Eighteenth-Century France
    — Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly

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