EMWJ Published Volumes

Volume 15.1 – Fall 2020

Early Modern Women Journal Volume 15.1


  • Rewriting the Lying-In: Hester Pulter, Katherine Philips, and the Felt Mortality of Pregnancy
    — Amanda Zoch
  • Sweet Chains and Happy Prisons: Collective Rituals of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Occasional Poetry and Domestic Remedy Manuals
    — Emily Kuffner
  • Redressing the Past: New Clothes, Old Estates, and Anne Clifford’s Fashioning of Community
    — Emily L. Loney

Forum: Early Modern Women’s Dis/Abilities

  • Disability Histories from the Convent
    — Sharon T. Strocchia
  • Insolent Visions: Women and Mental Distress in the Salpêtrière
    — Ashley M. Williard
  • Sexual and Economic Constructions of Women’s Lameness in the Norwich Poor Census
    — Kaye McLelland
  • The Extremity of Illness: Mary Sidney, Early Modern Women’s Chronic Illness, and Disability Studies
    — Catherine Medici
  • Opting Out: Anorexia, Asexuality, and Early Modern Women
    — Simone Chess
  • A Fruitless, Female Body: Disability and Devotion in An Collins’s Divine Songs and Meditacions (1653)
    — Katey Roden

Performance Review

  • The Convent of Pleasure. Margaret Cavendish. Directed by Juliet Rachel Wilkins. Produced by Nathaniel J. Burns, Ilana Lydia, and Virginia Senior.
    — Liza Blake

Art Exhibit Reviews

  • A Tale of Two Painters: Sofonisba Anguissola and Lavinia Fontana. Museo del Prado. Catalog Ed. Letizia Ruiz Gómez
    — Sheila ffolliott
  • Portraying Pregnancy: From Holbein to Social Media. The Foundling Museum. Curated by Karen Hearn
    — Miriam Al Jamil

Book Reviews

  • Women’s Life Writing and Early Modern Ireland. Ed. Julie A. Eckerle and Naomi McAreavey
    — Evan Bourke
  • Bess of Hardwick: New Perspectives. Ed. Lisa Hopkins
    — James Fitzmaurice
  • Fruit of the Orchard: Reading Catherine of Siena in Late Medieval and Early Modern England. Jennifer N. Brown
    — Lezlie Knox
  • Dancing Queen: Marie de Médicis’ Ballets at the Court of Henri IV. Melinda J. Gough
    — Emily Winerock
  • Gendered Temporalities in the Early Modern World. Ed. Merry Wiesner-Hanks
    — Melissa E. Sanchez
  • Nuns Navigating the Spanish Empire. Sarah E. Owens
    — Horacio Sierra
  • Gender, Authorship, and Early Modern Women’s Collaboration. Ed. Patricia Pender
    — Paula McQuade
  • The Labor of the Mind: Intellect and Gender in Enlightenment Cultures. Anthony J. La Vopa
    — Mónica Bolufer
  • Great Women on Stage: The Reception of Women Monarchs from Antiquity in Baroque Opera. Ed. Kerstin Droß-Krüpe
    — Anita Hardeman
  • Chivalry, Reading, and Women’s Culture in Early Modern Spain: From Amadís de Gaula to Don Quixote. Stacey Triplette
    — Anne J. Cruz
  • The Image of Elizabeth I in Early Modern Spain. Ed. Eduardo Olid Guerrero and Esther Fernández
    — Rocío Corral García
  • Pathologies of Love: Medicine and the Woman Question in Early Modern France. Judy Kem
    — Alexandra Verini
  • Women and Gender in the Early Modern Low Countries, 1500–1750. Ed. Sarah Joan Moran and Amanda Pipkin
    — Christine Kooi
  • Disabled Bodies in Early Modern Spanish Literature: Prostitutes, Aging Women and Saints. Encarnación Juárez-Almendros
    — Victoria Rivera-Cordero
  • Femmes à la cour de France: Charges et fonctions (XVe–XIXe siècle). Ed. Caroline zum Kolk and Kathleen Wilson-Chevalier
    — Faith E. Beasley

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