EMWJ Published Volumes

Volume 15.2 – Spring 2021


  • Aemilia Lanyer, Edmund Spenser, and the Literary Hymn
    — Brice Peterson
  • The Virgin and the Globe: The Cosmography of Sor María de Ágreda
    — Kathleen Crowther
  • “A veil of obscure mourning”: Widow’s Attire and Political Authority in Margaret Cavendish’s Bell in Campo and True Relation
    — Katharine Landers

Forum: Women and Alchemy in Early Modern Europe

  • Introducing Women’s Alchemical Cultures
    — Sajed Chowdhury
  • Alchemy and Cultures of Knowledge among Early Modern Women
    — Sarah Hutton
  • Women Alchemists and the Paracelsian Context in France and England, 1560–1616
    — Penny Bayer
  • Scents and Celestinas: Alchemical Women in Early Modern Spain
    — Margaret E. Boyle
  • Alchemical Bodies: Discursive and Material Visions
    — Tara Nummedal
  • Experience, Authority, and the Alchemy of Language: Margaret Cavendish and Marie Meurdrac Respond to the Art
    — Sandy Feinstein
  • East of Italy: Women and Alchemy at the “Peripheries” of Early Modern Europe
    — Meredith K. Ray

Book Reviews

  • Colonization, Piracy, and Trade in Early Modern Europe: The Roles of Powerful Women and Queens. Ed. Estelle Paranque, Nathan J. Probasco, and Claire Jowitt
    — Indravati Félicité
  • Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe. Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks
    — Susan D. Amussen
  • Sartorial Politics in Early Modern Europe: Fashioning Women. Ed. Erin Griffey
    — Ann Rosalind Jones
  • Forgotten Healers: Women and the Pursuit of Health in Renaissance Italy. Sharon T. Strocchia
    — Bradford Bouley
  • Sofonisba’s Lesson: A Renaissance Artist and Her Work. Michael W. Cole
    — Mary D. Garrard
  • Arms and the Woman: Classical Tradition and Women Writers in the Venetian Renaissance. Francesca D’Alessandro Behr
    — Susannah Rutherglen
  • Lady Fanshawe’s Receipt Book: An Englishwoman’s Life During the Civil War. Lucy Moore
    — Sharon Cadman Seelig
  • Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain: Reading, Ownership, Circulation. Ed. Leah Knight, Micheline White, and Elizabeth Sauer
    — Rosalind Smith
  • Editing Early Modern Women. Ed. Sarah C. E. Ross and Paul Salzman
    — Sara Read
  • English Aristocratic Women and the Fabric of Piety, 1450–1550. Barbara J. Harris
    — Katherine L. French
  • English Convents in Catholic Europe, c. 1600–1800. James E. Kelly
    — Jaime Goodrich
  • The Care of Nuns: The Ministries of Benedictine Women in England during the Central Middle Ages. Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis
    — Veronica O’Mara
  • Fictive Orders and Feminine Religious Identities, 1200–1600. Alison More
    — Walter Simons
  • Travel and Travail: Early Modern Women, English Drama, and the Wider World. Ed. Patricia Akhimie and Bernadette Andrea
    — Mira ‘Assaf Kafantaris
  • Shakespeare’s Foreign Queens: Drama, Politics, and the Enemy Within. Sandra Logan
    — Kat Lecky
  • Early Modern Women and the Problem of Evil: Atrocity and Theodicy. Jill Graper Hernandez
    — Rebekah L. H. Rice
  • Anna, Duchess of Cleves: The King’s “Beloved Sister.” Heather R. Darsie
    — Valerie Schutte
  • Women Warriors in Early Modern Spain: A Tribute to Bárbara Mujica. Ed. Susan L. Fischer and Frederick A. De Armas
    — Elizabeth Franklin Lewis
  • Women’s Negotiations and Textual Agency in Latin America, 1500–1799. Ed. Mónica Díaz and Rocío Quispe-Agnoli
    — Anna M. Nogar
  • El muerto disimulado / Presumed Dead. Ângela de Azevedo. Ed. Valerie Hegstrom. Trans. Catherine Larson
    — Barbara Simerka

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