EMWJ Published Volumes

Volume 5 – 2010

Early Modern Women Journal v5


  • “Lady without Equal”: Lucrezia Paolina, Salvator Rosa, and Feminist Art History
    Linda Hults
  • “The art to desifer the true Caracter of Constancy”: Female Silence in Wroth’s Urania
    Elisa Oh
  • “This is that I may remember what passing that happened in Waterford”: Inscribing the 1641 Rising in the Letters of the Wife of the Mayor of Waterford
    Naomi McAreavey
  • “We shall discover our Selves”: Practicing the Mermaid’s Law in Margaret Cavendish’s The Convent of Pleasure
    Tara Pedersen
  • Rape and Sociopolitical Positioning in the Histoire tragique
    Anne E. Duggan


  • Margaret’s Beard
    Amy Greenstadt
  • The Chaste and the Licentious: Female Sexuality and Moral Discourse in Ming and Early Qing China
    Weijing Lu
  • “Be more strange and bold”: Kissing Lepers and Female Same-Sex Desire in The Book of Margery Kempe
    Jonathan Hsy
  • Sex, Starch-Houses, and Poking Sticks: Alien Women’s Work and the Technologies of Material Culture
    Natasha Korda
  • Rising Above the Injustice: An Abbess Secures Her Identity in Fifteenth-Century Avignon
    Whitney Leeson
  • “Incontinent Practices”: Women, Language, and Sexual Crime in Colonial Maine
    Abigail Chandler
  • Single Women and Sex in the Early Modern Atlantic World
    Lindsay Moore
  • Modeling Female Sexuality in Early Modern Letter Books
    Ian Moulton
  • “All the Many and Varied Remedies and Secrets”: Sexual Practices and Reproductive Knowledge in the Renaissance
    Brian Sandberg
  • Sex, Astrology, and the Almanacs of Sarah Jinner
    Chantelle Thauvette
  • Making Sexual Knowledge
    Valerie Traub

Exhibition Reviews

  • Exhibition Review: Reasons to Look Back: Judith Leyster, 1609-1660, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, June 21-November 29, 2009
    Aneta Georgievska-Shine
  • Exhibition Review: Pomp and Power: Antoinette Bouzonnet Stella’s Entrance of the Emperor Sigismond into Mantua, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, February 5, 2010-August 22, 2010
    Sonja Hansard Weiner
  • Publications in German in Early Modern Women’s Studies, 2004-2009
    Olga Trokhimenko
  • The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women 2009 Prize for a Graduate Student Conference Presentation Abstract: “The Role of Women’s Discourse, Men’s Honor, and Domestic Abuse in Marfa de Zayas’s The Disenchantments of Love
    Horacio Sierra
  • “Attending to Early Modern Women” Conference 2009: Review by Graduate Students
    Amy L. Merritt, Marisha Caswell, Marie Ladino, Nora Lambert, Lara Langer

Book Reviews

  • Jonathan K. Nelson, ed., Plautilla Nelli (1524-1588): The Painter-Prioress of Renaissance Florence 
    Julia Dabbs
  • Mary Wiesner-Hanks, The Marvelous Hairy Girls: The Gonzales Sisters and Their Worlds 
    Rebecca Lush
  • Margaret L. King and Albert Rabil, Jr., eds., Teaching Other Voices: Women and Religion in Early Modern Europe 
    Bo Karen Lee
  • Rebecca Krug, Reading Families: Women’s Literate Practice in Late Medieval England
    Karrie Fuller
  • Nicholas D. Paige, trans., Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne, Zayde: A Spanish Romance 
    Javier Irigoyen-Garcia
  • Rouben Cholakian and Mary Skemp, eds. and trans. Marguerite de Navarre. Selected Writings. A Bilingual Edition 
    Eve-Alice Roustang-Stoller
  • Anne J. Cruz and Mihoko Suziki, eds., The Rule of Women in Early Modern Europe 
    Tim Elston
  • Jennifer C. Vaught, Masculinity and Emotions in Early Modern English Literature
    Anne Wohlcke
  • Michelle M. Dowd and Julie A. Eckerle, eds., Genre and Women’s Life Writing in Early Modern England
    Nicky Hallett, ed., Lives of Spirit: English Carmelite Self-Writing of the Early Modern Period 

    Wendy Weise

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