EMWJ Published Volumes

Volume 9.1 – Fall 2014

Early Modern Women Journal v9.1


  • Shifting the Frame: Trans-Imperial Approaches to Gender in the Atlantic World
    — Susan D. Amussen And Allyson M. Poska
  • A Guided Tour of Heaven and Hell: The Otherworldly Journey in Chiara Matraini and Lucrezia Marinella
    Shannon McHugh
  • Beyond The Tale of Genji: Murasaki Shikibu as Icon and Exemplum in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Popular Japanese Texts for Women
    — Satoko Naito

Forum: Women Patrons, Collectors, and Curators

  • Royal Tudor Women as Patrons and Curators
    — Valerie Schutte
  • Mencía de Mendoza, Marquise of Zenete: Early Modern Spain’s Cultural Ambassador
    — Noelia García Pérez
  • Anna of Saxony and her Library
    — Brian Hale
  • Madame de Sablé’s Salon of Reconciliation
    — John Conley, S. J.
  • Cutting, Arranging, and Pasting: Sarah Sophia Banks as Collector
    — Arlene Leis
  • “Une abundance extra ordinaire”: The Porcelain Collection of Amalia van Solms
    — Virginia Treanor

Book Reviews

  • Eleanor Hubbard, City Women: Money, Sex and the Social Order in Early Modern England
    — Bernard Capp
  • Wendy D. Churchill, Female Patients in Early Modern Britain: Gender, Diagnosis, and Treatment
    — Lisa Forman Cody
  • Retha M. Warnicke, Wicked Women of Tudor England: Queens, Aristocrats, Commoners
    — Susan Doran
  • John C. Appleby, Women and English Piracy, 1540–1720: Partners and Victims of Crime
    — Claire Jowitt
  • Elizabeth Heale, ed., The Devonshire Manuscript: A Women’s Book of Courtly Poetry
    — Christopher Martin
  • Mario DiGangi, Sexual Types: Embodiment, Agency, and Dramatic Character from Shakespeare to Shirley
    — Theodora A. Jankowski
  • Caroline Bowden, Laurence Lux-Sterritt, and Nicky Hallett, eds., English Convents in Exile, 1600–1800. Part 1, Vol. 1–3
    — Jenna Lay
  • Caroline Bowden, Katrien Daemen-de Gelder, James E. Kelly, and Carmen M. Mangion, eds., English Convents in Exile, 1600–1800. Part 2, Vol. 4-6
    — Jaime Goodrich
  • Emily C. Francomano, ed. and trans., Three Spanish Querelle Texts: Grisel and Mirabella, The Slander against Women, and The Defense of Ladies against Slanderers. Pere Torrellas and Juan de Flores. A Bilingual Edition and Study
    — Emily S. Beck
  • Gabriella Zarri and Nieves Baranda Leturio, eds., Memoria e comunità femminili: Spagna e Italia, secc. XV–XVII
    — Silvia Evangelisti
  • Stacey Schlau, Gendered Crime and Punishment: Women and/in the Hispanic Inquisitions
    — Nieves Romero-Díaz
  • Sarah E. Owens and Jane E. Mangan, eds., Women of the Iberian Atlantic
    — Stacey Schlau
  • Christopher Nissen, Kissing the Wild Woman: Concepts of Art, Beauty, and the Italian Prose Romance in Giulia Bigolina’s Urania
    — Valeria Finucci
  • Konrad Eisenbichler, The Sword and the Pen: Women, Politics, and Poetry in Sixteenth-Century Siena
    — Maria Galli Stampino
  • Meredith K. Ray and Lara Westwater, eds. and trans., Letters Familiar and Formal by Arcangela Tarabotti
    — Laura Giannetti
  • George W. McClure, Parlour Games and the Public Life of Women in Renaissance Italy
    — Holly S. Hurlburt
  • Virginia Cox, Lyric Poetry by Women of the Italian Renaissance
    — Gerry Milligan
  • Valerie Worth-Stylianou, ed. and trans. Pregnancy and Birth in Early Modern France: Treatises by Caring Physicians and Surgeons
    — Wendy Perkins
  • Marianne Legault, Female Intimacies in Seventeenth-Century
    French Literature
    — Barbara Woshinsky
  • Joni M. Hand, Women, Manuscripts and Identity in Northern Europe, 1350–1550
    — Kathleen Wellman
  • Tryntje Helfferich, The Iron Princess: Amalia Elizabeth and the Thirty Years War
    — Silvia Z. Mitchell

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