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ACMRS Press Style Guide — This guide provides instructions on how authors should format their text to be consistent with other ACMRS Press publications. (Click to download)

Submit a Book Proposal — Prospective authors should use this template to submit a proposal for a book project. (Click to download)

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Request Permission from a copyright holder to reuse their content in your proposed project — Use this template when you contact the content rightsholder (coming soon).


Language and Advice for Tenure / Review Statements

In tenure/review statements, we recommend discussing the reason to publish your project with ACMRS Press and elucidating the overall impact of publishing it in open access. More review committees are familiar with the benefits of publishing in open access, but it is useful to explain the significance of publishing with ACMRS Press and the value of doing so to your committee. We are glad to provide you with updated sales and views numbers for your project as you prepare your file for review. You can contact the Manager of Publishing Futures Geoffrey Way via email at to request updated metrics on your ACMRS Press project.

Sample language for tenure/review letters or statements:

“I have published [TITLE] in open access with ACMRS Press, a member of the Association of University Presses and the in-house press for the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. [TITLE] is available in both print and open access from ACMRS Press as part of ACMRS Press’s mission to publish, disseminate, and promote the most forward-looking, vanguard research in premodern studies. This project is connected to my research on [TOPIC] and has undergone a rigorous shepherding review process. Publishing this project in open access ensures that it is not constrained by the barriers of expensive subscriptions and institutional affiliation that prevent many interested readers from accessing scholarly work. Having the project available in open access also ensures a broader impact than only publishing in print, and makes this project ideally suited for inclusion on course syllabi and easily discoverable for current and future students and scholars.”

How to Order Printed Books

Individual Customers

Single book purchases are easiest by searching for the book on this site and clicking the “Buy” button to order online. Our secure system accepts credit card payments for your online order and books are shipped directly from our warehouse. If you prefer to order by mail or pay by check, please use the contact information for retailers listed below.

Wholesale/Retail/Library Customers

ACMRS Press books are represented and sold in the Americas by the University of Chicago Press. For the most current contact details for distribution and representatives in your region, please click here.

Address for Orders:
Customer Service
Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley Avenue
Chicago IL 60628  

Phone Orders:
(800) 621-2736 (USA/Canada)
(773) 702-7000 (International)

Fax Orders:
(800) 621-8476 (USA/Canada)
(773) 702-7212 (International)

Email Orders:

For complete details on shipping, terms, and returns please visit the CDC website here: CDC Policies

International Distribution

ACMRS Press books are represented and sold internationally by the University of Chicago Press. For the most current contact details please click here.

John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Telephone Orders:
+44 (0) 1243 843291

ACMRS Press Reprint Permissions

Request Permission to reprint material published by ACMRS Press (books with text indicating that the content is copyrighted by the “Arizona Board of Regents for Arizona State University”). Permission to reprint or use content published by ACMRS Press is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Use fees may apply.

Please submit your reprint request to:

Arizona State University
PO Box 874402
Tempe, AZ 85287-4402

or by email:

Please include the following:

  • ACMRS Press content to be used:
    • Title of publication
    • Author/editor
    • Title and author of essay (if applicable)
    • ISBN
    • page numbers
  • Commercial publication:
    • Title of publication
    • Author/editor of publication
    • Publisher
    • Publication date
    • Print run
    • Sales price
    • Rights requested (print/electronic)
  • Classroom use:
    • Academic institution
    • Professor
    • Class title
    • Semester/term to be used
    • Number of students in the class
    • Indicate if repeated/recurring use

Institutional Repository Policy

Scholarship published by ACMRS Press may be placed in the repository of the author’s home institution 24 months after publication. Written permission is not required.

Authors may not republish the complete work on Academia, personal website, social media, or other online sources. Authors may share the cover image, table of contents, and back cover text to help increase awareness and marketing for their publication. Authors can refer to the publishing contract for details, or inquire directly with the managing editor for any clarification.