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Beginning in 2020, ACMRS Press will restructure how we organize our publications. While most titles will simply be identified as publications of ACMRS Press, some titles will continue to be published within one of our traditional series:

Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies (MRTS)
is our most renowned series with over 500 volumes published dating to 1985!

The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Toronto Series 
is co-published with Iter Press at the University of Toronto.

The Renaissance English Text Society (RETS) 
is an informal association of scholars who work together to recover and preserve in carefully edited, unmodernized texts significant non-dramatic writings in English (including original works or translations) from the period 1475-1660. In its publication programs, special consideration is given to works that have never been reprinted or, in the case of manuscripts, never printed.

French Renaissance Texts in Translation (FRENTT)
edited by Phillip John Usher, came into official existence to publish quality English translations of Renaissance French texts (c.1480-c.1610) that are also scholarly editions.

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile (ASMMF) 
is a project which makes available microfiche and digital images of nearly five hundred manuscripts containing Old English.