SMRH Published Volumes

Third Series, Volume 14 – (2017)

Edited by Joel T. Rosenthal and Paul E. Szarmach
ISBN: 978-0-86698-871-1
eISBN: 978-0-86698-872-8

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  • Kemble’s Second Edition of Beowulf and Cardale’s Criticism
    J. R. Hall, University of Mississippi
  • Early Middle English in Trilingual Manuscripts: Eruptions, Collisions, Colloquies
    Susanna Fein, Kent State University
  • Why Did Renaissance Florence Fail to Develop a Carpet Industry?
    Gerald Pollio, Fordham University, London Study Centre
  • “Yt is myche lesse harme to bylle thane to kylle”: Bill-posting and the Destruction of the Duke of Suffolk in 1450
    Clementine Oliver, California State University, Northridge
  • Two Fifteenth-Century Contemporary Rulers an Ocean Apart: Nezahualcoyotl Acolmiztli of Texcoco, Mexico, and Lorenzo de’ Medici of Florence, Italy
    J. David Puett, University of Georgia and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Susan Brunn Puett, Independent Scholar
  • Converting Ovid: Translation, Religion, and Allegory in Arthur Golding’s Metamorphoses
    Andrew Wells, Brigham Young University-Idaho
  • Reading Dante in the Sixteenth Century: The Bentley Aldine Divine Comedy and Its Marginalia
    Paul Dover, Kennesaw State University

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