Publishing timeline

On average, ACMRS Press publishes projects on an 18-month timeline from delivery of the initial project or manuscript. Below is a breakdown of the average timeline for publishing with ACMRS Press:

  • Shepherding (3 months): We allot 3 months for the shepherding process, which includes identifying and commissioning a shepherd for the project, the time for the shepherd to review, and then an opportunity for the author and the shepherd to connect and discuss the project.
  • Revisions (2 months): After the completion of the shepherding process, we move forward with a 2-month window for any author revisions of the project. Once this step is complete, we move the project into the production process.
  • Copyediting (3 months): In the first step of the production process, we identify and commission a copyeditor we know will be a good fit for the project. Given the length and complexity of most projects, we provide copyeditors with a 3-month window to complete their review of the project.
  • Review of copyedits (1 month): Upon receiving and reviewing the copyedits, we return the project to the author for review and to make any necessary changes. This is the last point any significant changes can be made to the text of the project.
  • Typesetting (1 month): Generally, we schedule 1 month for the initial typesetting of the project. However, depending on the complexity of the project, typesetting may take longer. In such cases, we will update you on the revised schedule.
  • Author review of page proofs (1 month): Once we have completed typesetting the project, the author has one month to review the page proofs for errors as we prepare the print and Pressbooks versions of the project for publication.
  • Pressbooks review (1 month): In the final review step, you will have the opportunity to review the open access version of the project in Pressbooks ahead of printing and marketing the project.
  • Final production/printing and marketing (6 months): During the final phase of the process, we will work with you to build a marketing plan for your project as we complete the final steps to publication.