Tenure review statement

In tenure/review statements, we recommend discussing the reason to publish your project with ACMRS Press and elucidating the overall impact of publishing it in open access. More review committees are familiar with the benefits of publishing in open access, but it is useful to explain the significance of publishing with ACMRS Press and the value of doing so to your committee. We are glad to provide you with updated sales and views numbers for your project as you prepare your file for review. You can contact the Manager of Publishing Futures Geoffrey Way via email at gway1@asu.edu to request updated metrics on your ACMRS Press project.


Sample language for tenure/review letters or statements:

“I have published [TITLE] in open access with ACMRS Press, a member of the Association of University Presses and the in-house press for the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. [TITLE] is available in both print and open access from ACMRS Press as part of ACMRS Press’s mission to publish, disseminate, and promote the most forward-looking, vanguard research in premodern studies. This project is connected to my research on [TOPIC] and has undergone a rigorous shepherding review process. Publishing this project in open access ensures that it is not constrained by the barriers of expensive subscriptions and institutional affiliation that prevent many interested readers from accessing scholarly work. Having the project available in open access also ensures a broader impact than only publishing in print, and makes this project ideally suited for inclusion on course syllabi and easily discoverable for current and future students and scholars.”